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CE-CON Safety

In a marked departure from the original approach of considering the presence of hazards and identifying the applicable risk locations accordingly, our CE-CON Safety software breaks new ground in risk assessment. The methodology involves breaking down the product into its components and thereby documenting hazard locations with underlying threat. This approach facilitates not just a descriptive account of your product but a perspective that is both crystal clear and structured.


Manufacturer perspective risk assessment

A detailed risk assessment is essential in verifying a machine’s genuine compliance with EC directive requirements. It is for this reason that the performance of a risk assessment has been legally mandated for machines since 1995. Furthermore, risk assessment requirements have grown in magnitude, leading to additional challenges.

As a consequence, companies are often lacking standardised procedures for risk assessment. We would be happy to assist you in any eventuality. Our CE-CON Safety software brings a new level of ease to risk classification according to the machinery directive! Get your own trial account and test the software free for 14 days.

Assess risk

Hazard Rating Numbers (HRN) and CE-CON Safety System

Choosing a suitable system for classifying risk that corresponds to the user’s way of working and which is suitable for the product being assessed is important. For this reason, with CE-CON Safety we have made it possible to choose between the current two methods of risk assessment. Both systems meet the requirements of international standard ISO 12100:2010. In any new project, you can choose which system to comply with.

The procedure based on Hazard Rating Numbers continues to grow in popularity and is internationally recognised and in wide use. The criteria for classification are finely graduated, enabling an excellent estimation of the extent of risk. The tried and tested CE-CON Safety system has been carried over from the predecessor software, Clever Risk Assessment.

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